Furniture Tips

Tips for Choosing the Right Furniture for Your Home

In a time of social media, design shows, Pinterest, and many other resources, many of you are more educated on what your options are and know what it is you want than ever before. That said, many are still overwhelmed by the thought of decorating their home, and still question themselves when making their final decisions.
To help those of you that uncertain of yourselves, here are just a few tips that might help get you to the goal line:

  1. Start with Style.
    There are many different aesthetics to choose from, but you need to land somewhere. It is important to consider the architecture and age of your home, the design elements of your existing furniture, the colour palette that you’re hoping to achieve, and the space in which the piece is going. Make sure to ask yourself the following questions:
    I. Do you prefer a more traditional or a more contemporary style?
    II. Do you love soft, light, neutral interiors or ones that are moodier and more dramatic?
    III. Do your tastes run towards sleek, mid-mod inspired or comfy and cozy?
    IV. Do you want your space to feel comfortable or formal?
    V. Do you love rooms filled with eye-candy or stripped down and minimal?Once you have answered these questions, and have in turn narrowed down your search you need to then consider the size of your space.
  2. Size matters.
    Whether you’re in a tiny, downtown condo or an oversized country home, you need to consider space and how it relates to the size of the furniture you’re going to purchase. Research what proper dimensions for means of egress should be. Knowing by what distances your pieces of furniture should be separated, will provide you with a better idea of how large your furniture items should be.In addition to determining how a piece will look and fit in it’s final resting position, you need to make sure it can get there. Measure all the openings, corners, and stairwells that will have to be travelled through, around and on to determine that your furniture will be able to get through your home without issue.
  3. Functionality.Particularly if you’re in a small space, seek items that are multifunctional, can provide storage as a secondary function, are modular and/or can be added onto down the road if moving into a large space.
  4. Don’t be afraid of colour and texture.Colour and texture may be the most difficult aspect of furniture selection when making sure that all of your pieces will not only coordinate, but also provide your space with the personality, attitude, and interest you hope to achieve. Determine how you want your place to look and feel, and stick, to that. Research what colours, what textures, and what styles can be well mixed and matched. Be consistent to your style, but adventurous in your choices.